Physiotherapist: Surya Sriram 
Level 1 and 2 Bike-Fit accredited.

Alter your bike to fit you perfectly.

Anyone who rides a bike can benefit from a Bike Fit session to prevent injury. 

If you are cycling regularly and have pain when you're on your bike then changing the set up can make things far more comfortable.


Lower back and neck pain, knee and sit bone pain, inefficient pedalling, saddle discomfort and tingling or numbness in the hands are all signs your bike set up needs a tweak.


If you've been having treatment for an injury and it just isn't getting better then your bike set up might just be the missing link.


What does it involve?

A Physio Bike fit involves a cycling physiotherapist assessing your body, your bike and your cycling technique. Your physio will assess your body and the unique way it moves, and optimise your bike so you are cycling within the parameters that we know get the best performance and the lowest chance of injury.

A 90 minute session will involve:

  • A detailed history of your pain or injury, training load and bike set/ups

  • Assessment and measures of your body – leg length, forearm length, strength, flexibility, coordination and movement control

  • Taking specific measures of your bike, and your body alignment

  • A Video assessment of you whilst pedalling to review your technique and posture using a bike-fit specific app

  • A plan of how to improve the way you ride from both a body and a bike perspective

  • Following your session you will get a detailed report of the findings, any changes made, and your plan.