• Emily Riglar

Embracing Telehealth

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Telehealth has been around for a while now, but many remain sceptical about how effective it may be in comparison to a face-to-face physio appointment. Unfortunately, at this point, it is unclear when we will be able to return to normal practice. We are also aware that there will be some people who won’t feel comfortable accessing the clinic right now. As such we felt it was a great time to let everyone know just how successful tele-health has been over the last 18 or so months.

What does a tele-health session "look" like?

Very little of the physiotherapy consult is different between tele-health and face-to-face. When making a diagnosis and choosing treatments, the majority of information comes from what we are told and what we see when you move. Our advice for management doesn’t change, our education about your condition doesn’t change and the exercises we prescribe you don’t change. We can even teach you hands-on treatment techniques to perform on yourself if needed. Add to this the time efficiency of not having to interrupt your day, and the reduced risk of exposure to covid-19 and a tele-health appointment looks quite convenient!

What are the benefits of tele-health?

We have also noticed aspects of tele-health that add to our treatments. Being able to see you in your own space allows your therapist to gain insight into how your environment might impact your management. This may be as simple as being able to look at your work from home set up, or it could be that in prescribing your exercises we are able to modify on the spot to adapt to what you have available. This real time problem solving means we are able to work out any barriers to success in the moment, rather than having to wait until your next appointment if something isn’t working.

Accessing a tele-health appointment at the first sign of pain rather than waiting until you satisfy criteria for a face-to-face appointment can also reduce the amount of physio you need. Small changes, advice, and exercises at the first sign of pain can stop things from getting worse. This means less pain and an ability to get back into your normal physical activities, something we can all benefit from at this time.

What can be treated by tele-health?

So, what have we treated successfully via tele-health? Basically, anything is possible! We have seen patients with flare ups of neck pain and back pain, knee pain, muscle strains, postural issues, running injuries, hip pain and more. It is very possible to continue someone’s treatment program without compromising outcome once their pain has settled to a point they no longer qualify for face-to-face treatment.

It is also important to note that we are allowed to see you face-to-face if you need to see us. The current restrictions are aimed at enabling us to prevent people from having to escalate their management to medical care to protect the hospital system, so if you aren’t coping with your pain let us know. We are here to help.

So don’t think you have to wait to get things sorted. We can have you ready to make the most of the world as it opens back up again. Call the clinic on 9387 4999 to book your tele-health appointment now!

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