What we do:

We want all our patients to get their best possible outcome from treatment. This means working with you to make sure we are helping you achieve YOUR goals. Depending on your condition we will use a mixture of hands on treatment techniques and exercise based treatments along with education to make sure you know how to look after your injury or condition long term.

We have Physios who have completed specific additional training in;

  • Jaw physiotherapy - clicking, locking and pain are common symptoms which are often not well understood by Physios. Led by Dr Guy Zito, Lucy Butler and Emily Riglar complete our team of physio's who have completed specific professional development on the jaw. We have referral networks with Oral Medicine Specialists and Dentists across Melbourne, and many physiotherapists refer their patients to us for a second opinion.

  • GLA:D program for osteoarthritis. Surya Sriram has completed the GLA:D training and runs 6 week blocks of twice weekly exercise classes at the clinic. Anyone with hip or knee Osteoarthritis can complete the program which also includes Initial and Final assessments and access to online education sessions run by GLA:D Australia. We offer discounts to the total cost of this package for upfront payment.  See www.gladaustralia.com.au for further info.

  • BIKE-FIT Surya Sriram is available for bike-fit sessions, where he will assess any injuries as well as analysing your cycling set up and making appropriate adjustments to your bike. He is also the physio to see if you have any cycling related issues, even if you don't need your bike set up analysed. Full assessment also includes a written report and exercise program. We currently have a discount for this service for existing clients.

  •  Breath-work - Emily Riglar is a certified breath-work practitioner. Breath-work is of benefit for most of us, the way we breath is very closely linked to our nervous system and can have a huge influence on muscle tension, pain and our emotional state. Breath-work can be performed as part of your physiotherapy treatment or used as a stand alone technique depending on your needs. 


At Carlton Physiotherapy we have two tiers of fees which represent the level of experience held by your physiotherapist​. 



Emily Riglar

Dr Guy Zito

Aemilia Elliott

Surya Sriram

Our Senior Physiotherapists have been working in the industry for many years and have completed a significant amount of post graduate training as well as gaining further qualifications. Both Emily and Guy are involved in delivery of courses to physiotherapists in addition to their clinical work.

Aemilia and Surya are available to treat DVA, TAC and Workcover clients with no gap. Please call to discuss compensable treatments with Emily Riglar and Guy Zito. 

Initial consultation: $135

Standard consultation: $108

Long consultation: $159

Advanced Initial (complex): $159

Advanced Standard (complex): $126


Lucy Butler (maternity leave)

Yudi Leibovitz

Our Physiotherapists have completed post graduate training and have experience across sporting, acute injury management, post -operative and rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Lucy, and Yudi are available to treat TAC, Workcover and DVA patients with no gap fees.

Initial consultation: $122

Standard consultation: $94

Long consultation: $136

Complex conditions charged at Senior rates.

Bike Fit Session: $200

GLA:D Initial Consult: $136

GLA:D exercise class: $40 ($37 if paid in advance)

GLAD: Final Consult: $94

If you have multiple areas requiring treatment or your condition is complex please call our friendly reception staff on 9387 4999 to discuss a longer initial appointment and associated fees.